In the newly-released quality of living index released by recruitment consultancy firm Mercer, Singapore came in 26th in quality of living and remains the highest-ranking Asian city. The survey took account more than 39 factors affecting quality of living and serves as a gauge of “desirable cities” for international employees.

It’s nearest Asian competitor is Tokyo Japan (44th), Kobe Japan (46th), Yokohama Japan (49th) and Osaka Japan (58th). However, compared to other first world countries, Singapore is still far flung from Auckland New Zealand (3rd), Sydney Australia (10th), Wellington New Zealand (12th), Melbourne Australia (15th) and Perth Australia (21st). The top two countries in the world is Vienna Austra and Zurich Switzerland.

In last year’s cost of living ranking also conducted by Mercer, Singapore rank the 4th most expensive in the world.

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