According to the latest statistics by the Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA), more than half of the 416 illegal immigrants harbourers arrested in 2015 are foreigners living in Singapore. 91 employers were also arrested for similar charges. These offenders provided lodging or employment to the illegal immigrants, and the number is a sharp increase as compared to 2014’s 250 harbourers and 69 employers.

The majority of the 310 illegal immigrants caught in 2015, work in industries with unregulated cheap wages like cleaners, construction and F&B. ICA also caught 1,591 overstayers, which is about the same number as 2014’s 1,690, seeing no significant decrease since enforcement effort are heavily dependent on tip-offs and luck. 64 were convicted for marriage of convenience where a foreigner and a Singaporean conspired to get married in a transaction for cash and visa.

Contraband imports caught increased to 95,677 in 2015 compared to 93,380 in 2014, with the increase largely from online purchases.