A 26-year-old Singaporean woman died in the hospital after having a seizure during a tui na (Chinese therapeutic massage) session at a massage parlour at Midpoint Orchard shopping centre. Serene Lim Xinhui was in the middle of a two-hour massage session she bought on Groupon when she suddenly had seizures and went into a coma on Sunday evening (Feb 14).

The PRC massage therapist who attended to her just arrived in Singapore three months ago in Nov 2015, but the PRC massage parlour owner Ji Fu Rong claimed that she had 3 years of tuina experience in China. The therapist tried to perform CPR on Serene Lim after she was found not breathing after the seizure, and the civil defence medics at one point managed to get her breathing again, but the latter was pronounced dead in Tan Tock Seng hospital at 8.50pm.

A doctor the media whom interviewed expressed his professional opinion saying that Serene Lim could have aneurysm, a condition where one of her arteries was swollen and may have burst during the tuina session, which led to a rapid increase in blood pressure and blood rush to the brain which resulted in the seizures.

A friend of Serene Lim said that the woman was very thin and even once landed up in the hospital for malnutrition a year ago.

According to her mother, Serene Lim was a filial daughter who gave her family monthly allowance of $300 and paid for the monthly rental of the 4-room-flat they are staying in. The former SPRING Singapore scholarship excelled in her studies and went to a top school Victoria Junior College with 8 As in her O levels.