Organisers for the Singapore Airshow screwed up the exhibition on it’s very first day yesterday (Feb 16) by making visitors queued over 2 hours to exit the venue just because they disallowed taxi booking and demand S$10 surcharge for every taxi picking up passengers. The organiser, Experia Events, claimed that the surcharge is needed to “manage traffic congestion” and this is the first time in 20 years they are implementing the surcharge.
Foreign visitors expressed their frustrations as tempers flared at the staffs of the organiser. Private transport and even bicycles are disallowed. The taxis which came to pick passengers were mostly premium taxis like Chrysler and Mercedes which charge more than twice the usual rate. Even the shuttle bus charges S$8 per trip to the Singapore Expo station.
The organiser has in response said that they will make arrangements with taxi companies to ensure a steady supply of cabs but they intend to continue profiting from the S$10 surcharge. The event will continue for the next 5 days.