A medical bill posted on Facebook [Link] revealed that a bed in the holding corridor of a Class C ward at a Singapore hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, would cost S$122.43 a night, even when it is the hospital that run out of beds for the patient. This is the first time a Singapore government hospital start charging for holding beds in the common corridor and what is more astonishing is that the “service” cost more than a hotel stay.

Also equally shocking, is that the bill in the Class C ward charges S$1,675.81 for a 4-night stay in the hospital. Class C wards are usually chosen by the poor and the hospital charge would cost them at least 6 months of savings (if at all). In Singapore, if one owed hospital bills in arrears, the government hospital will engage private debt collectors to pester the patient for the debt.

It also appeared that the recently-implemented Medishield Life is incapable of bringing hospital charges down to affordable levels, as it was claimed as marketed.