35-year-old China-born teacher, Du Tao, from Naval Base Primary School has been sentenced to a 21-month jail sentence today (Feb 15) for sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl. The new citizen Chinese teacher met the victim on a PRC mobile application, Mei Pai and they contacted via WeChat in 2014.

The impressionable young girl called the married man “daddy” while the pedophile called her “nu er (daughter)”, with aims to have sex with the 12-year-old through numerous sexually-provocative messages. On 8 Mar 2014, Du Tao went to the girl’s house and they engaged in sexual acts but were later interrupted by the police who knocked on the door. It is not reported how the police got hold of the first hand information.

District judge Eddie Tham claimed that Du Tao did not abuse his position as a teacher and hence did not aggravate his offences.

Du Tao pleaded for clemency saying that he has lost his job and his son has just been born. Du Tao is married to a Singaporean in 2005 and as a new citizen, he is excused National Service.

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