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On the way to volunteer for River Hong Bao, I encountered an accident at Zhenghua Flyover, Bukit Panjang entrance to BKE towards PIE around 6 pm. Many people ran down to lend a helping hand to clear the accident. Apparently, the accident was caused due to the heavy rain and this caused a lorry to skid and it got overturned which blocked both the lanes that lead to BKE. Traffic Police arrived at the scene. Following this, a lion dance group, were also stuck at the jam. The lion dancers and commuters from Bus Service 960 and 972 ran down from their vehicles to help push the overturned lorry, to allow the traffic to pass through. My Brother Arunraj Ram also left the car to offer a helping hand .They managed to push the lorry, within minutes. Who knows? If everyone was Self-Centred, the traffic jam would have lasted a Long time to be cleared. — at BKE Towards PIE.

Nithi Ram