According to the latest statistics from Singapore Police [Link], crime rate has increased 4%, from 32,315 cases in 2014 to 33,608 in 2015. The police attributed the rise to online commercial sex cheating cases which nearly-doubled at 94.8% from 1,929 cases in 2014 to 3,759 cases in 2015.

There were over 1,200 cases where men handed over payment via online credit, for sexual services that never materialized. This is a rampant outbreak from just 66 in 2014 and the Singapore Police did not explain if they have taken any actions to curb such cheating cases.

The Singapore Police is currently also under fire for conducting a police interrogation on a 14 year old boy without a guardian, which led to the boy committing suicide. The police did not apologise for the incident but have instead claimed  they are “reviewing procedures” without giving further details.