A 25 year old NS man who completed his full time National Service (NS) obligation last year was today (Feb 11) jailed 1.5 month for evading NS. Brian Joseph Chow failed to get a deferment in 2009 and went ahead to complete his university degree at the University of Western Australia in 2013. He then returned to Singapore voluntarily to enlist for 2 years of NS.

However, upon ORD, Brian was charged for NS evasion and was initially sentenced to a S$4,500 fine. The Singapore Armed Force (SAF) appealed the sentence and the judge sentenced him to 1.5 month jail. The High Court judge, Chan Seng Oon, claimed the accused’s outstanding performance in NS as a mitigating factor in an oral judgment:

“I allow the prosecution’s appeal. I would have given him three months if not for the fact that his performance during NS was outstanding.”

It appears that Brian has made a serious mistake of placing his faith in the SAF and the Singapore judiciary by thinking he would avoid jail time if he volunteered to serve NS. His jail sentence commenced immediately today, with no grounds for deferment and bail.

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