Two Burma nationals were arrested for illegally departing Singapore by walking along the water pipeline at Woodlands Checkpoint Authority. The duo was first detected by the Police Coast Guard at 4.05am yesterday (Feb 9), and they were arrested ten minutes later by Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) officers deployed from the Woodlands checkpoint.

The two Burmese, aged 26 and 42, were found with inflated bicycle tubes which the police suspect that they intended to use them as floats to swim across the Causeway. Police investigations have revealed that the two were overstayers in Singapore and attempted to sneak out of the country to avoid prosecution.

Under the immigration act, overstayers and those without valid visas in Singapore face a maximum 6 months’ jail and/or three strokes of the cane. For illegal departure, they face a maximum sentence of 6 months’ jail and/or S$2,000 fine.