Pro-PAP ambassador of Yale-NUS university governing board, Chan Heng Chee, is under fire for promoting Singapore government’s anti-homosexual view of upholding Section 377A. The particular sodomy law criminalizes consenting sex between two adult male even in a private setting.

During the United Nations Human Rights Council’s forum held in Geneva, Chan Heng Chee defended the PAP government’s sodomy law when more than 10 foreign delegates suggested that the sodomy law and any law that discriminates against sexual orientation be repealed.

In the recent Yale-NUS student publication, Yale-NUS student scholar Nicholas Carverhill called for Chan Heng Chee to be sacked from serving in the university’s governing board because her values runs against the school’s commitment of inclusivity:

“Yale-NUS may be beholden to the laws of Singapore, but we do not have to accommodate the government’s official position on gay rights within our own leadership ranks.

…if Yale-NUS is to create an inclusive community, it cannot have leadership that actively advocates for policies contrary to the school’s commitment of inclusivity, as Chan did last week.”

According to interviews conducted by Yale Daily News, some Yale-NUS students openly requested for Chan’s resignation from the college’s governing board because as a Singaporean ambassador, Chan cannot help but speak on behalf of the government, whose views might contradict those of the Yale-NUS community.