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新加坡人你给我听好🐶不要以为会说几句臭英文就显得自己有多高级🐶我是不会说英文但比你们这些狗逼还要高级好嘛😡自己的语言都不会讲 还给我在那里饶英文😡最看不起新加坡人🐶滚开 发格油 凸凸

“Listen here Singaporeans 🐶 Do not think that just because you know a bit of English means you are high class 🐶 I can’t speak English but I am of a higher class than you are 😡 You can’t even speak your own Chinese mother tongue and there you go speaking in English 😡 I despise Singaporeans 🐶 Get lost (*untranslatable bitch whims)


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