In the recent Job Vacancies 2015 report by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), employers and employees alike highlighted “unattractive pay” as one of the main reasons for both professional-manager-executive-technician (PMET) and non-PMET job vacancies. The other contributing factors to hard-to-fill job vacancies are “long working hours”, “physically strenuous” and “shift work”.

The report also found lesser jobs available for job seekers in the Q3-2015 (Sep 2015), with only 60,000 job vacancies for 51,724 jobseekers. As Singapore heads deeper into the recession, MOM said that they expect job vacancies for the latest quarter will continue to decline.

Among the job vacancies, 43% are PMET jobs. University degree holders are in huge demand at 24%, along with jobs requiring qualifications below primary school level at 25%. Secondary school levels vacancies are at 19%, other professional certificates holders at 17%, and diploma holders have the lowest job vacancies at 15%.

The Singapore government have however discouraged Singaporeans from going for a bachelor degree, despite having a huge market demand for degree holders. It is understood that the policy of discouraging Singaporeans for further studies is to justify in the import of foreigners with degree holders for the 6.9 million population target.

In the latest employment growth quarterly figures, only 100 jobs were created for Singaporeans and PRs while 31,700 went to foreigners [Link].

You may view the infographic and actual report here.

Infographic from MOM