In a media statement today (Feb 2), Singapore’s Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) said that retrenchment in Singapore is sometimes inevitable and that their role is to “urge” employers who are retrenching workers to do so “responsibly and sensitively”.

TAFEP also said that employers should retrench workers “bearing in mind the impact on the affected employees”, and that salaries due, including annual leaves should be paid for on the last day of work.

However, if employers refuse to pay compensation to retrenched workers, TAFEP is helpless. Those unfairly retrenched will also have no course to seek redress as there are no such employment rights laws in Singapore.

TAFEP is set up as Singapore laws ban private trade unions. The organisation act as a facade to fight for employment rights and it’s powers are literally next to none.

In the recent employment report, Singapore’s retrenchment figures saw a 31% spike in retrenchment figures in the last quarter. As Singapore heads into a deeper recession, more layoffs are expected with Singaporeans bearing the bulk of the job losses as the employment report also shows 0% growth in number of locals employed.

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