National Servicemen who are trialed for military offences in a military court martial case will have access to defence “lawyers” who attended 1-day legal training course. The legal training course with a class size of 30 is held 4 times a year, and reserved only for officers. These “legal defence officers” will face professional military prosecutors who are full-time laywers in the military court, hence rendering their role as good as nullified.

Although NS men who will be going for a military trial is allowed access to lawyers outside the SAF, their sentencing will be heavier when they choose to contest in the military court instead of pleading guilty. Chances of winning over a judgment in a SAF military court is historically zero, hence most accused will submit a confession regardless if they are guilty or not.

NS men accused who are poor and unable to hire a lawyer have no access to Singapore’s pro bono services from volunteer lawyers, hence furthering injustice and imbalance in Singapore’s military courts.