“I have seen how the PAP works. And of course the rejection is because we don’t allow political parties to use common areas. You use the PA – the People’s Association, you use grassroots advisers – come on, let’s be honest about that.

…We understand the political reality. We understand that the struggle for functional democracy by a loyal opposition must be fought from within the existing system, under the law legislated by Parliament, even though we disagree with them.”

says Workers’ Party Low Thia Kiang, who lamented about the state of Singapore politics in Parliament today (Jan 29). The Parliament passed an amended motion to fill the vacanted Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) position, which was declined by Opposition candidate Lee Lilian who believes that the NCMP scheme is undemocratic. The NCMP allows the “best loser” to be elected in Parliament despite having lost in the election.

NTUC Chief and Minister-without-portfolio Chan Chun Sing filed the amendment to the motion, and took the opportunity to label it a “political manoeuvre” by the Opposition to take full advantage of the NCMP seat.

The Workers’ Party abstained from voting in the motion but to negligent impact as the number of PAP MP seats is 83/89. Future votes on motion will also be single-handedly decided by the ruling party PAP, as PAP MPs are not allowed to vote against their own party.

In GE2015, Singaporeans voted in yet again another single-party rule and place their future in the hands of the ruling party PAP under Lee Hsien Loong.