Following the enforcement by the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, the Philippines Embassy implemented an unofficial S$550 a month minimum wage for their nationals who are working as maids in Singapore.

According to maid agencies, all Filipino domestic worker contract applications with a stated salary less than S$550 will be rejected by the Philippines Embassy, even though there is no official announcement from the Philippines government.

In 2013, Singapore had an agreement with the Philippines Embassy that the minimum wage was to be S$500. The rate has not been revised since then, or at least officially. Singapore employers will have to pay an additional maid levy of S$265 per month to the government. For households with children below the age of 16 or parents above the age of 65, they will pay a subsidized levy rate of S$60.

Currently there are 70,000 Filipino maids working in Singapore, out of a total of 221,000 maids.