A 32-year-old India-born Singapore Permanent Resident, Vidya Jayasankarr, was sentenced to a week jail today (Jan 21) for abusing her 31-year-old Filipino maid, Miezel Cagas Limbaga.

On 20 Jan 2015, Vidya Jayasankarr and her 52-year-old husband, Janardana Jayasankarr, too turns to slapped their maid when she microwaved food from the fridge for her own consumption. The couple accused the Filipino maid of stealing food and the wife held the maid by her neck while the husband rained punches on her chest and stomach.

When the Filipino maid collapsed from the attacks, the husband, believed also to be from India, then stomped on the maid’s back. The maid kept quiet about the abuse initially, until her friend made a police report two days later after finding bruises all over her body.

In their defence, the Indian couple said they offered S$1,000 compensation to the Filipino maid. Both culprits have since pleaded guilty. The male employer will be sentenced on Feb 19.