A 43 year old Singaporean man was arrested and fined S$1,500 for secretly putting a “love potion” he bought online in a Japanese lady’s drink in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Wong Fook Hiong, a married technical support officer with Ngee Ann Polytechnic, bought a US$200 “love potion”, containing animal sedatives and anti-psychotic drugs from online and have been secretly putting the substance in his crush’s water bottle.

The 30 year old Japanese lecturer drank the contaminated water and spat out when she found it unusually bitter. After the same incident happened a few times, on the 5.30pm evening of 12 Jan 2015, she started placing her mobile phone on video recording which caught Wong Fook Hiong in the act around an hour later. He was videoed to pour a substance in her bottle, shook the bottle and placed it back in its original position.

In his mitigation plea, Wong’s lawyer said that he was desperate for the Japanese lady’s attention “whom he liked very much”. The court sentenced Wong to a S$1,500 fine.

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