27 construction workers from Bangladesh were arrested by the Internal Security Department for plotting terrorist attacks in other countries including Bangladesh. However, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Singapore was not in their list of targets. The 27 terrorists were arrested between 16 Nov 2015 and 1 Dec 2015. 26 of them have been deported back to Bangladesh while 1 is still serving jail sentence for attempting to leave Singapore illegally after finding out his friends were arrested.

In a media statement, MHA said that 26 of them are linked to a closed religious study group that supported the jihadist groups like Al Qaeda and the Daesh. Only one of them was not linked to the group but was however “in the process of becoming radicalised” according to MHA.

The group took measures to avoid detection from the authorities and held regular meetings where they share jihadist intelligence and material. They were also found to be recruiting other Bangladeshi workers in Singapore.