In an announcement made by Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen, the Singapore government has finally decided to pay for basic life and personal accident insurance coverage for active conscripts (NSFs and active NS men).

Previously, insurance have to be paid for by the NSF conscripts who themselves draw only a meager S$450 monthly allowance. In addition to the free insurance, Minister Ng Eng Hen also announced that the Singapore army will reward conscripts who do well with gift vouchers.

Singapore is a US$300 billion economy and it’s Ministers are the most well-paid in the world. However, the country’s wealth is not distributed to National Service conscripts who protected the nation and the Singapore government has been known to be exceptionally stingy while NS men and NSFs are treated as bottom feeders with little incentives and harsh punishments.

New citizens enjoy full citizenship rights but are excused National Service. Out of some 100,000 new citizen males who are of eligible age for NS (between 21 to 40), less than 200 signed up for the optional Volunteer Corps (SAFVC).