Photo of Grace Fu from facebook video

At the first session of Parliament after the General Elections in 2015, Minister Grace Fu fired a political attack at the Opposition Workers’ Party and accused the WP Lee Lilian owing everyone an explanation “on the basis of her decision” to not take up the NCMP position.

“…the 15,800 voters in Punggol East who had voted for Ms Lee, along with many other Singaporeans, would want to understand the basis of her decision.”

The Minister for Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) also claimed that she was informed only from the media reports, when Lee Lilian have actually written a formal letter to Parliament a week ago informing the Parliament that she shall not be taking up the NCMP position.

“Like many of her constituents, I learnt first from the media and later from her absence from the opening of the Parliament that she is not intending to assume the NCMP seat, despite having campaigned hard to persuade voters to elect her to a seat in the Parliament.”

The Workers’ Party has since tabled a motion for their member National University Singapore’s Associate Professor Daniel Goh to take over the NCMP position.