A foreign expat from England, Alan Benjamin Maybury, has been excused jail term for his brutal assault on a 19-year-old Singaporean student. At 1.30am on the morning of 30 Nov 2014, the 34-year-old former consultant was travelling in a taxi with his Singaporean wife along South Buona Vista Road. 19-year-old Singaporean polytechnic student Lum Kwok Weng was driving in the opposite direction and lost control of his vehicle when he approached a sharp bend and crashed into the taxi.

Alan Maybury then got out of the taxi and started shouting expletives at Lum Kwok Weng, and began brutally punching the student in the face several times. He was only stopped when a motorist confronted him and called the police. The victim suffered swelling on the right side of his mouth with a visible cut.

However in a weird twist of event, the Deputy Public Prosecutor Mansoor Amir actually spoke on behalf of the aggressor and merely asked for “an appropriate fine”. The Government prosecutor actually faulted the accident for the attack:

“It was the accident that caused the accused’s momentary outburst of violence.”
Currently, all punching-related road-rage assault cases involving Singaporeans as an aggressor have resulted in a jail term. The Singapore judiciary have always emphasized on a jail sentence to deter road rage incidents, but clearly isn’t applicable in this case. The sentencing of Alan Maybury have fueled discussions of unequal treatment against Singaporeans and preference treatment for foreigners from the Singapore judiciary.