In a Facebook response to appease public outcries over the outsourcing of parachute packing to private contractors, Chief Commando Officer Simon Lim admitted that the SAF have indeed outsourced the key operations to Singapore Technologies.

The CCO then said that while parachute rigging is done by the SAF, not all packing is done by former riggers from the Commando Force:

“In order to optimise our resources, we have outsourced the parachute-packing function to Singapore Technologies (ST) – a reputable local company.

Many of the members of staff packing the parachutes are former riggers from the Commando Formation and all are “trained and competent in their roles”.”

This statement have however opened up the possibility of foreign workers packing parachutes for the elite unit, the SAF commandos. Sensitive military secrets like jumping height, parachute response timing and features of Singapore’s commandos’ parachutes are hence possibly openly known to foreign countries through the use of private contractors and especially with foreign workers.

Military operations and security clearance are supposedly treated with strict priorities such that even Muslim Singaporeans are not trusted with key operation forces like the Air Force or Navy. The SAF has however shown in this case that they are trust private contractors with their military secrets more over the Singaporean conscripts.