A 19 year old has been arrested for cheating 25 victims up to S$14,000 between Oct 2015 and Jan 2016. The unnamed man would post a job offer online and respond to his victims requesting they purchase online gaming credits of which he claimed would not be billed.

The victims would SMS the cheat a pin code which he would resell them off for cash. Thereafter, the 19 year old would be uncontactable. On Jan 11 at Kay Siang Road, the cheat was arrested and several mobile phones, SIM cards, bank tokens and cash up to S$7,500 was found on him.

The cheat faces 10 year jail and a fine. His nationality and identity is not revealed in The Straits Times media report. Singapore’s government-controlled media often censor themselves when publishing reports of criminal activities involving foreigners.

This scam method of persuading victims to buy game credits is often employed by scammers posting as prostitutes using the popular China application WeChat.