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I’d painfully struggled for 2 days, weighing the pros and cons before I made a decision to pen this post.
Learnt from my brother-in-arms our former SAF Riggers’ job of preparing our parachutes are now outsourced to PRC contractors!
What on earth are these Commanders thinking when they signed the awarding contract?
Openly, our airborne capabilities like parachute model, jumping height, etc are made known to foreign contractors. We are, literally, placing our lifes in foreign contractors’ hands when we leap from the plane?
*Note: SAF Riggers are required to sign for every parachute they’d packed. They’re, too, airborne trained so they understand the importance of their job – it is LIFE or DEATH.
We might as well avail them the manifest of our Special Operation Task Force (SOTF) personnel; we don’t need to bother donning our masks anymore.
I’d sworn an oath to defend my country against enemies, foreign and domestic. Little did I realise the ones who sold me out are the ones who outrank me.
So much for – RESTRICTED –

Leslie Ang