Dear Boss, you want higher productivity but you also want lower salaries and longer working hours. You keep comparing your SME company to a MNC but your flip-flop policies makes me wonder if you have ever worked in a MNC before.

For a start, most employees working in MNCs have clearly-defined work scope. In your company, my colleagues and I take on multiple roles doing work out of our job scope as you profit from the ambiguity by saving a new hire. Even our working hours is not clearly defined; for you would make a ruckus when we clock in for work 5 mins late and you wouldn’t even ask why am I still typing furiously at my desk 30 mins past office hours.

You would often complain about the manpower crunch and the lack of foreign employee quota, but it never came to your mind why people are not eager to join you and even your existing employees are sending resumes to your competitors.

Chinese New Year is coming and we are going for an appraisal meeting and unofficially negotiate for a salary raise and bonus – not that it is any negotiation because you wouldn’t give a dollar more even when I ask you to. Truth being told, an appraisal meeting is no different from a resignation meeting. In an appraisal meeting, you would tell me about my shortcomings and how bad I was at my job in the year. In a resignation meeting, you would tell me how fantastic I have been and fitted into the company. The two end results are often drastic with you making a higher counter offer in a resignation meeting than an appraisal meeting.

Please let me know now why I should not tender right after I get my bonus in February. Your answer is in the form of salary increment and bonus for this year. And don’t recycle that old excuse you used last year saying the company is not doing well, because this is all the more the better reason I should join another company that is doing better. Who will want to stay in a sinking ship anyway right?

Best regards,

Cheated Employee