An Indonesia maid who was caught on surveillance camera for kicking a 2 year old baby has been sentenced to 4 months’ jail. You may view the video of the abuse here:

Khaerun Nisa Selfitriya, 28, was charged in Oct 2015 for two charges of abuse against young children. The first charge happened in the video taken in Oct 2015 where Khaerun kicked the elder daughter in the left thigh resulting in the 2 year old’s head hitting the floor. The second charge was when Khaerun slapped the younger son’s back several times after he cried during feeding.

The father only discovered the abuse after he installed a surveillance camera after seeing scratch marks on his daugher’s arm in May 2015. Khaerun will serve her 4 months’ jail sentence backdating to Oct 16 when she has been detained.

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