Cropping away 50 from the original logo, the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) hailed the new logo as a representation of Singaporean spirit. The full text on it’s website is as follow:

“The “SG” logo represents that collective Singaporean spirit that lives in the things we do, and behind how we do them, day after day.”

These fanciful captions are however met with embarrassing comebacks by Singaporeans, with many questioning where is the change and how this new logo is embodies any of the values the Ministry espouses.

Philip Lim on CNA Facebook [Link]: “Sorry. Cannot see how one red circle and the word SG represent the “Singapore spirit that lives in the things we do”…”

Faiz Lim on CNA Facebook [Link]:”Srsly? Its just cancelling the 50. How creative”

@YuChengQ [Link]:

Screenshot from Twitter @YuChengQ
Screenshot from Twitter @YuChengQ

Groova_Tron on Reddit [Link]: “There’s the old Singaporean ingenuity. On to greater things…….like naming a shopping centre a shopping centre.”

xbillybobx on Reddit [Link]: “This design is so incredible and unique they’ve clearly been working on it for 51 years before unveiling it just now.”