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We watched Star Wars The Force Awakens this evening, at Great World City, 6.50pm show.

Seated next to me was a family – father, mother and 2 sons. The elder son was probably very excited at being in a cinema, and waiting in anticipation for the movie to start. He is also a slightly autistic or a special needs child. His parents, knew how to occupy him and his younger brother. They bought popcorn to keep both sons happy and busy.

Being a special needs child (I’m using this term rather than autistic, because he is such a special child), he has his quirks – uncontrolled, spontaneous bursts of random words and sounds- which his parents gently but firmly, reminded him to keep quiet or lower his volume. I’m sure he tried.

About 5 minutes into the movie, 2 voices rang out, from 2 rows in front of us.

A male voice: “Eh, shut up”
A female voice: “Get out of here!”

Mind you, this was TWO rows in front of us. Not the people seated nearest to the family, or the row in front.

The mother who was seated next to me, was shocked. She sat at the edge of her seat and craned her neck to find out who had so rudely made those comments. She was close to tears – i could hear her sniffling. I should have reached out and held her hand to show that I empathised with her.

The rest of the movie went on without anymore rude remarks, and the boy continued his best to control his outbursts. Except when Chewbacca and Han Solo appeared on screen. I don’t blame him. I love them too.

When the movie ended, the mother sat on the edge of her seat again, to catch a glimpse of who made those remarks. I heard her tell her family “let’s get out of here”, perhaps because she didn’t want to draw anymore attention to her children.

The 2 people who made those remarks were watching the movie with a group of friends. There were about 6 -7 of them.
Young working adults. Most likely well educated, but so what? They turned their heads back to see who the child was, many times.

When they were on their way out of the cinema, I went up to them and informed them that they were shouting rude comments at a special needs child. Their parents obviously knew that this might happen, so they chose to sit right at the last row.

The b**ch who made one of the remarks defensively said, “They should have brought them another day to watch the movie. The parents should have taken them out.”

Right. Completely selfish and without an utter ounce of compassion for the child or parents. So they have to call Miss B**ch to check when she’s watching the movie, so that they can watch it at another time?

I mentioned sarcastically that i’m sure she’s “liked” many FB posts on children with special needs, and where was her compassion now and she conveniently retorted “Oh, i don’t have FB”. Haha….yup. And i’m only 3 years old. Please.

The encounter with them almost became a full-on argument. It was pointless hashing it out with someone brainless, heartless, selfish and defensive. All she could say was “they shouldn’t have brought their child to watch the movie”.

I don’t know who this selfish B**ch is, or who her friends are, but just because you paid for your tickets, earn shitloads of money, and are fortunate to be “normal”, you have no soul, no heart and no upbringing.

To the parents of the boy- please continue to bring your sons to watch movies in cinemas. They have every right to enjoy the regular things that we get to enjoy. Please don’t feel bad because for every one of these ignorant selfish people out there, there are ten times more people who are truly compassionate, and willing to stand up for your cause.

To the selfish b**ch and her friends – I hope you are able to sleep well tonight. Karma has no deadlines.

Adeline Tien