According to Chinese newspaper Shin Min, a 78 year old elderly man knelt in front of his younger son not to cause any more troubles when the latter kept making a ruckus to sell the family’s 5 room flat in Sembawang.

The family of 11 stay together in the 5 room flat with the elder brother and his family taking up 2 rooms, the elderly parents staying in 1 room and the younger brother taking the last room with his wife and 7 year old daughter. The unit belongs to the elderly father.

The younger son, 50-year-old Mr Zeng, complained to reporters that his father wanted him and his family to leave the house because his 53-year-old elder brother told his father to. The family would often quarrel about living space and the ownership of the house, and the disputes had gone out of control many times before warranting several visits from the police. In one of the quarrels, the father was photographed kneeling down to the younger son begging him not to cause any more troubles.