Thousands of passengers found themselves wrongly queuing over an hour for a fare refund today (Dec 27) because the Land Transport Authority (LTA) earlier declared that the rides for Downtown Line 2 (DTL2) will be free.

It appears that only rides between Downtown Line 2 stations will be free. For example, if a passenger board the train at Orchard Road (NSL) and got off at Beauty World station (DTL2), he will still be charged the full fare. Boarding a non-DTL2 station and alighting at a DTL2 station will also charge a full fare.

The confusion led to the LTA having to broadcast their clarifications over the public address system.

Also adding to the confusion is a system bug, where passengers who have boarded other public transport e.g. a bus, will have to wait for 15 mins before boarding a DTL2 station to enjoy the free ride. Similarly, passengers who took the DTL2 free rides have to wait 15 mins before taking a non-DTL2 transport so the system will not deduct a full fare erroneously.

Photo from qq
Photo from qq

What had passengers fuming is that the station staffs actually recommend passengers to have a second EZ-link card to “safely” enjoy the free ride. The free ride for the 18 DTL2 stations lasts only 6 days until Jan 2.