The government-controlled Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) yesterday (Dec 25) published a survey they conducted founding Singapore to rank first for media credibility. With a media credibility score of 6.87, China came in a close second at 6.57 with Hongkong trailing at 5.29 and Taiwan media having little credibility at 4.03.

The Singapore government has been frustrated with international surveys conduced by neutral and independent sources like UBS and Reporters Without Borders, which embarrassingly highlighted Singapore poorly in income gap and media credibility. In 2015, Singapore is ranked 153th in press independence due to the frequent interference of the Singapore government over the mainstream media.

As such, the Singapore government-controlled media conduct their own surveys these days paying academias to publish surveys in their favour. In Nov 2015, the Singapore government claimed Singapore ranks only 48th in cost of living after a Mercer survey found Singapore to be the 4th most expensive city in the world.

The current Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, is a dictator who charge his critics for defamation. Recently, an internet blogger was sentenced to pay S$150,000 to Lee Hsien Loong in a default judgment without a trial. The ruling party government also introduced several internet censorship laws demanding all internet websites which publishes Singapore news to comply with government directives or forfeit a S$50,000 bond. In Jan 2015, editors of socio-media website The Real Singapore were arrested for sedition charges and slapped with multiple copyrights infringement lawsuits by SPH. The judgment of their case remains in limbo, as the government is believed to be waiting for the editor of States Times Review to return to Singapore.

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