In a media release to the public [Link], the National Environment Agency revealed that more than 2,700 food outlets were taken to task for poor hygiene and not meeting hygiene regulations as of Nov 30. Food safety in Singapore have a demerit point system, and if an errant food outlet accumulated the maximum 12 demerit points in a year, it’s license will be suspended.  As for this year, licenses of 137 food outlets were suspended.

One of the restaurants which had their license suspended for two weeks is Pappamia at Changi Airport. It is understood that the restaurant had a cockroach infestation under its basin, leaving the floor wet and hiring a staff to handle food when he did not attend the mandatory food handling course. The restaurant has since reopened after meeting all NEA’s requirements.

Another famous restaurant that was suspended for two weeks was Ah Yat Abalone, which chalked up demerit points for uncooked food and having staffs not using gloves during food handling.

The NEA also advised against consuming raw fish due to the recent outbreak of Group B Streptococcus infections resulted from consumption of yusheng earlier this year.

You may view the suspension notices here on the NEA website.