Not every school is a good school in Singapore.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) will phase out 7 neighbourhood secondary schools by not taking any new students because of a lack in demand in the neighbourhood. The seven schools are as follow:

  1. Siglap Secondary School
  2. Macpherson Secondary School
  3. Balestier Hill Secondary School
  4. Henderson Secondary School
  5. Si Ling Secondary School
  6. Pioneer Secondary School
  7. North View Secondary School

The MOE also said that they are looking at merging these schools with low enrollment.

Due to low birth rate, there are lesser Singaporean children reproduced which explains the declining cohort. Singapore’s low birth rate is predominantly caused by the rising cost of living and National Service. As wages are unlikely to increase under the pro-business government model, young couples are putting off family-planning resulting a steadily increase in singles and marriage age. Singapore is also facing an exodus of Singaporeans who prefer to have their family overseas so their children will not serve National Service.