Screenshot from Facebook

After being exposed and embarrassed domestically and internationally (see BBC report here), Minister Teo Ser Luck now denies that he made the gaffe saying it is comfortable to sleep without mattress.

The original Facebook post which went viral after States Times Review posted the article, has since been censored and removed by the Ministry of Manpower. It is understood a tsunami of angry comments were hitting out at the PAP Minister for being a wayang (political antic), and the authorities found it easier to delete the post instead of deleting and censoring each comment that criticized the Minister.

In a follow-up post, the Ministry of Manpower now claimed that Minister Teo Ser Luck did not make the comment. During the time when the post was still available, Minister Teo Ser Luck tried to defend himself and hence tacitly acknowledged that the offending caption was his. The Ministry of Manpower is now blaming the page administrator for the fiasco:

“We understand that many of you have expressed concerns over a Facebook photo featuring MOS Teo Ser Luck visiting a dormitory.

The Facebook post, including the captions, were put up by our MOM Facebook Administrator. MOS Teo did not make those comments. We regret the unintended implications, and any misunderstanding that the post has caused. To avoid further misrepresentation, we have removed all the captions from the Facebook post.”

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