Screenshot from Facebook

In what seems like another embarrassing PR fiasco for Minister Teo Ser Luck, a foreign worker responded to the Minister’s Facebook post that the make-shift cardboard bed is comfortable. Minister Teo Ser Luck posted a photo of him unwillingly lying down on a foreign worker’s bed and wrote:

“Quite comfy! I learnt that some workers prefer to sleep without a mattress as they are used to it back in their home country. They find it more comfortable and cooler too!”

Foreign worker Ibrahim Khali then posted on his post debunking his claims and requested for improvement to workers’ dormitory:

“Sir in our home we used to sleep at the mattress but here not for comfortable we r sleeping without mattress, it’s just coz of wether so hot in the room. One room 12 person but only 2 fan. Is it possible to sleep in a mattress with 2 fan only? Dormitory management never allow more than 2 fan in the room.”

You may find the original post here.

Minister Teo Ser Luck is well-known for his gaffes and embarrassing moments, like this video at 49s where he was seen cheering for himself: