A professor from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Assoc. Prof. Elaine Ho claimed that Singaporean-first policies that put preferential treatment for citizens over foreigners are negatively affecting integration efforts.

Particularly referring to the housing policies, the professor lobbied for taxes and quotas to be removed to help Permanent Residents integrate:

“Changes to housing policies since 2010 — such as a quota on PRs buying public housing and the higher prices they have to pay — may have also had a contrary effect on social integration. Private housing became the more fuss-free option these immigrants took, which meant fewer chances for them to interact with the average Singapore resident.

Sometimes, Government policies have unintended complications … It addresses part of the problem — which is the dissatisfaction Singaporeans have with new PRs buying flats — but it also perhaps resulted in greater social ramifications in other ways… What we want is (for immigrants) to be living alongside the average Singaporean.”

The NUS professor interviewed 20 China Permanent Residents and found that more PRC immigrants are unable to integrate because of pro-Singaporean policies.

However the professor left out considerations for Singapore’s population demographic changes in her conclusion. Due to the influx of foreigners, PRC Chinese no longer see the need to integrate with Singaporeans as their number reached a critical mass to form multiple enclaves throughout the island.