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Visited Gardens by the Bay and went to Satay by the Bay as it seemed good as advertised on the TV.

However, it was a big disappointment and I had never felt so embarrassed as a Singaporean.

The food were expensive and yet the quality of the food were relatively poor. I thought for a while I was back in China… It seems that most of the stalls were manned by PRC Chinese.

What made me embarrassed was the quality of one of our national culinary speciality: satay. I wonder if this stall is been contracted by the group of PRC Chinese…? The quality of the satay were really bad and the ketupat was plain horrendous as well as the gravy was poor too. I thought this should be a spin off the original Satay Club; but it was never to be.

I just felt that local food culture is being assassinated and ruined by foreigners who are out to make an easy buck. And sadly the governing authority is turning a blind eye to it…

I will never visit this food centre again. Newton or even a Neighbourhood coffee shop serves better food than this junkyard. Many times better.

Tito Hsiao