A Singapore-based Filipino community website was set up to sublet HDB rooms for rental, as exposed by a STR reader. Although most rooms advertised stated are private apartments in condos, there are also several HDB rooms for sublet on the website, Pinoyrooms.net. You may view the website here.

It is illegal to sublet rooms in HDB flats in Singapore without permission from the Housing Development Board, and even if approved, only owners are allowed to rent out the rooms. Tenants are not allowed to sublet out their apartment. The landlord may have their HDB apartment confiscated for any illegal renting or subletting activities, with or without their knowledge on the matter.

Some foreigners in Singapore do not understand the HDB ruling and tried to profit from the rental market by subletting their HDB rooms. Just in October, a PRC tenant complained that she lost more than S$1,000 in rental deposit when she sublet out a room in a HDB apartment she rented.

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