14 newborn babies with serious medical conditions were infected with “red eye” syndrome, medically known as conjunctivitis at the KK Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). All 14 babies were admitted into the ICU ward between mid-Oct and Dec 1.

The babies whose lives are already endangered in the ICU are now facing greater dangers upon infection. 12 KK Hospital employees working in the NICU were also infected. Victims with the “red eye” syndrome will have swollen eyelids and discharge from their eyes. According to the chairman of the KK Hospital Division of Medicine, the condition is caused by the virus, Adenovirus Type 8.

This is the third case of infection outbreak in Singapore this year. In the first case of the virus outbreak which killed 7, the Health Ministry found the hospital staffs guilty for not following infection control procedures. Health Minister Gan Kim Yong has not commented on the virus outbreak and has not offered to resign despite having the multiple outbreaks killing and endangering many lives.

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