At the PAP Convention held on Sunday (Dec 6), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong warned Singaporeans not to rely on the government to do everything and that the people have to look after themselves and for each other:

“Community engagement is basic to the way we solve problems — working together and bringing people together, rather than relying on the state to do everything.”

The ruling party also had a panel discussion which revealed three issues the government will be working at. First is the state of public transport, Lee Hsien Loong want to make Singapore a “car-light” society where everyone travels by public transport. Secondly, Lee Hsien Looong wish to see more elderly continue working if they can. Lastly, the Prime Minister said that his government is focused on getting Singaporeans to upgrade and be employed at all stages of life.

However, Lee Hsien Loong did not go into the specifics and his fellow Ministers and PAP party activists merely regurgitated the direction in a general sense. There is no mention of specific policies or any hint that the government will be imposing new policies to support the issues they mentioned.