Screenshot of Lim Swee Say from Facebook video

Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say today warned Singaporeans that job growth will be “significantly less” in the next five years. The Minister inconherently said that as a result of an economy driven by productivity and innovation, job growth is slowing and noted that the local labour force growth in the last 5 years is 1.7% per year.

The Manpower Minister then lamented that “local manpower is harder to come by because of ageing population”. Lim Swee Say did not propose any countermeasure solution for the dipping job growth he forecast. The comments were made at a press release of retail sector which the Manpower Ministry (MOM) aimed to put ITE and Polytechnic graduates working in retail positions.

The MOM proposed apprenticeship, “job re-design” without specifics, “100 Human Resource projects” support and career progression framework for the retail sector. There is no mention of the low paying salaries and long hours retail staffs are getting in Singapore.