Notorious Sim Lim Square cheat Jover Chew has been sentenced to 33 months’ imprisonment with a S$2,000 fine for 12 charges of cheating, criminal intimidation and intentional distress. The maximum sentence he could face for his charges was 36 months’ jail.

Using unethical sales tactics and targeting foreigners with lack of English linguistic abilities, Jover Chew and his salesmen conned 26 victims of S$16,599 between Jan and Oct 2014.

Jover Chew has earlier pleaded guilty to his crimes and is currently undergoing treatment for depression. He has also pleaded for clemency as he is also going through a divorce at the moment and in heavy debt because of his elder brother.

The other four salesmen working under Jover Chew were also jaild between 4 to 14 months for using similar cheating methods. The “team” gained notoriety when they uploaded videos of customers humiliated with a vietnamese tourist making international news when he knelt down begging for a refund.

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