The Singapore apex court, the Court of Appeal, today(Nov 27) upheld the previous High Court ruling and sentenced that the Ministry of National Development has no right to seek reliefs in the case. Therefore, MND have no rights to appoint accountants to oversee the Opposition-held Town Council’s funds. The Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (Punggol East SMC was lost to the ruling party in the recent election) shall be allowed to appoint their own accountants, with the approval from the Housing Development Board.

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However, the judge also said that there was no real dispute that the Opposition-held Town Council has not fully complied with parts of the Town Council Act and the Town Council Financials Rules. The judge then went on to chide the Opposition MPs for non compliance.

The Singapore government has spent an undisclosed amount in legal fees for the three appeals it made to the Singapore Court. It is believed that this judgment will be the last and final resolution for the 3-year-long lawsuit. The town council fund case has been blown up during the election period which the ruling party PAP used repeatedly to attack the Opposition.

Despite numerous slanders made by the ruling party PAP MPs and Ministers calling the Workers’ Party dishonest, there is no criminal charges filed by the Singapore Police and its anti-corruption bureau, the CPIB.

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