In an interview with Australian media at the Istana, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong openly criticised the Singapore Opposition as having unbearable “shrill” voices, Singaporeans as having a “entitlement mentality” and also called the Western governments “weak” in leadership for failing to gather domestic consensus resulting in political gridlock.

“The gridlock common in Western governments is “partly a weakness of the leadership” and also a recognition that the (democratic) system is not delivering.

…It is not easy and it is very seductive for an opposition who’s just trawling for votes, to say, ‘Vote for me, I will reduce the taxes and soak the rich’. Fortunately, in this last election, some of the opposition pitches were so shrill that the population wisely took counsel and decided that there was a real risk”

Lee Hsien Loong also said that Singaporeans are lucky that his PAP government is able to deliver on its promises, and he also chided Singaporeans for having an “entitlement mentality”:

“People are not so poor. They think their government is not poor so they expect the government to do more for them. They’re not poor but they feel less well off relatively than others they can see in society. There is that relative sense that ‘I should get my entitlement’.”