Post by Vivien Neo, you may find the original link here.

Done teaching SUPYoga at Tanjong Beach today at around 4pm, went ahead with my shower at the public toilet next to TBC. Undressed and shampoo-ed but the moment I shifted gaze, I saw this phone camera right next to my feet.

I screamed, ran out naked to the cubicle next to me and when the door was pushed open, I was shocked the pervert dressed up as a woman in long brown wig, pink straw hat, black long sleeve top and slippers. I struggled in full wet body foam, managed to pin him down (thanks to Yoga & gym I was shocked I had the strength to fight him) but he managed to run out to the exit.

I continued to scream for help but everyone was just staring and thought it was just some couple fight🖕🏾 This pervert said “Sorry” and I immediately learned that he’s a PRC 🖕🏾 Luckily, this fit guy – by the name of Billy came forward to stop this pervert. Billy managed to get hold of his belongings but he slipped off anyway (half naked) and ran for his life. I ran out naked and knew I have embarrassed myself enough but I was so determined to get him DOWN.

Naked, I didn’t chase after him but trusted Billy Chong and some kind samaritans to help. I then learned that this Uber driver managed to stop the pervert and lightly knocked him down which helped Billy and a few staffs from Tanjong Beach Club to catch hold of him. I was then dressed, ran over and gave him a few slaps and punches (COULD HAVE KICKED HIS BALLS!!!) I questioned why he filmed me, he said its his WEIRD HABITS.

I’m really thankful for those who gave me a hand in that state of mess. Billy, Calim (TBC staff), Uber driver and Angelica (mom with 3 girls). Police couldn’t find his phone which I believed he threw it away when he escaped and he surrendered a black phone with cracked screen which definitely wasn’t what he used to film. I’m also thankful I shaved, wasn’t hairy/bushy down there HAHAHHA so, SHAVE GUYS SHAVE

Not sure if there’s any CCTV at the entrance of the public toilet to track his movements. Case is under investigation. I hope he don’t get release that soon or continue to harass more women out there. Glad to have him locked up now so no one else suffer.


It’s over, but still overwhelmed by this incident. Next up, IMPORTANT gonna learn how to FIGHT and anything that helps self defend. BUT SHAME ON YOU PERVERT, TO HELL YOU GO!!!!!!!!! Trying to not turn to be a man-hater. Never in my life I imagine myself in such horrid experience