Infamous Sim Lim Square cheat Jover Chew pleaded guilty to 12 charges, including 10 charges of S$16,599 from 26 victims at the court today (Nov 16). The remaining 2 charges are criminal intimidation and intentional distress. Committed between January and October 2014, 33-year-old Jover Chew now face up to 36 months of jail sentence following an appeal by the deputy public prosecutor (DPP)’s call for a harsher punishment to “reflect enhanced culpability” as compared to his co-accused.

Four of Jover’s former employees were jailed between 4 to 14 months for multiple cheating offenses at his now-defunct shop in Sim Lim Square, Mobile Air.

Also taken into consideration for Jover Chew’s sentencing is another 16 cheating charges. During the court hearing, it was reported that Jover Chew ignored letters from the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE) and skipped hearings from Small Claims Tribunal.

The DPP delivered a damning statement for Jover Chew:

“(Jover Chew and his associates) behaved like thugs rather than business people and sales assistants, and operated under a veneer of legitimacy Mobile Air was an ACRA-registered company, which served as a cover for their scam. It is no coincidence that all the victims are foreigners who are mostly low-wage workers like construction workers and domestic helpers with limited understanding of the English language (and) consumer rights”

In his defence, Jover Chew’s lawyer claimed that the cheat is now remorseful and have made full restitution to his victims on his own initiative. The defence lawyer also added that his employees who were earlier convicted were seasoned salesmen who knew what they are getting into and acted in cahoots with Jover Chew, hence dispelling the DPP’s accusation that Jover Chew was the only mastermind and primary mover behind the series of cheating offenses. The defence lawyer called for a jail term no more than 24 months.

The actual sentencing is expected to be delivered on Nov 30.

Jover Chew is currently undergoing treatment for depression and he is serving massive debts incurred by his elder brother while his wife has divorced him.

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