Two PRC nationals who are Singapore Permanent Residents have been sentenced to 6 weeks jail yesterday (Nov 12) for assaulting a taxi driver. Food stall assistant Li Li, 40, pleaded guilty to punching 36 year old Singaporean driver Shah Kamariza Raja Abdul Razak, while beautician Fan Xiling, 34, pleaded guilty to kicking him on his thigh at Toa Payoh North earlier this year on March 14.

The incident started when Shah Kamariza picked up the two women from Peace Centre, Selegie at 1am. They then told the driver to go to Block 204 Toa Payoh North and then to Fernvale, Sengkang.

After reaching Block 204 Toa Payoh North, Li Li alighted to collect some items from a friend and while waiting, her friend Fan Xiling started winding down the window and smoking. The driver told her that if she want to smoke she should pay up the S$15 cab fare and smoke outside the taxi. The PRC woman then alighted without paying and crossed the road. Shah then chased her and demanded payment. Fan Xiling refused to pay up and a quarrel ensued.

At this point, the second PRC woman Li Li then returned and joined her friend in the quarrel. A taxi driver who happened to pass by told the two women that smoking is not allowed in all taxis, which the PRC woman Fan Xiling then argued that she won’t pay up if she wasn’t allowed to smoke. When Shah started calling the police, Fan Xiling kicked him at his thigh and Li Li started punching his face and body multiple times, tearing the driver’s shirt. Shah kept blocking and did not hit back.

When Fan Xiling started taking off her high heel and wanted to hit Shah on his head with the pointed heels, the passerby taxi driver intervened. Another 31 year old motorist took a video recording of the fighting and the two China women started hurling vulgarities and demanded him to stop recording.

Although the two faced a maximum sentence of 2 years’ jail and S$5,000 fine, they were only sentenced to 6 weeks’ jail each.