Ranked 34th out of 145 countries with a 43% score overall under the latest World Giving Index 2015, Singapore saw an improvement of 11% points over its average 5 year score in terms of charitable giving.

The Charities Aid Foundation also found that Singapore:
-Ranked 89th with a score of 44% in the category of “Helping a stranger”
-Ranked 18th with a score of 57% in the category of “Donating money”
-Ranked 42th with a score of 27% in the category of “Volunteering time”

Although Singapore’s score is decent, it pales in comparison to its neighbour Malaysia in all categories. Malaysia ranks 10th with a 52% score under the overall Giving Index. On global terms, more people around the world are donating money (3.2% increase) and lesser people are volunteering time (0.3% decline).

You may download the complete World Giving Index 2015 here.